Opening up the marketplace for living together - one city at a time.
Once a year you receive a bill. This bill is unlike every other bill. For if you don't pay, you'll have nowhere to receive any kind of bill.
BREAKING: your home is neither a store of value nor an investment
"...for the lack of a better term, is good."
Or how @ElonMusk can bootstrap @SpaceX infrastructure to the Moon and beyond.
The built environment can be manipulated into existence. Ignore the symptoms and go straight for the cause.
Housing prices have oscillated when priced in gold the last 120 years. Priced in dollars, it's up, up, and away! All denominators matter.
Public places and public spaces were approached with care and class. Now you're afraid you'll be shot dead while wiping your ass.
The Game of Sovereigns has begun and its Main Streets vs. the Megalopoli.
The ongoing winter storm in Texas is revealing just how much building materials and methods have deteriorated which is exposing the fragility of the co…
He who controls the cinder blocks, controls the rate of building.
Historic Preservation is misnomer.