Call me BitcoinUrbanism.Substack

Architecture has evolved over time and so must this humble newsletter. Unlike the modernists and their 21st-century lackeys, Bitcoin Urbanism is humble enough to experiment with the past as a guide.

The Niagara Mohawk Building in Syracuse, NY. Art Deco was the last evolutionary step of architecture before modernism, which rejects the accumulated knowledge of the past. Image credit Pinterest.

I’ve decided to change the name of this newsletter to Bitcoin Urbanism - fully adopting the drive-by moniker. Probably not a surprise. Don’t tell my grandparents. This is a minor revamp with the intent of taking this endeavor seriously and creating a distinct brand in the process.

I will continue posting about #BitcoinUrbanism with my personal twitter account but have also created @BitcoinUrbanism. Follow both accounts and you’ll know no FOMO. Eventually a website will go live.

To establish a regular publishing routine, a new edition of the newsletter will be published three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (unless a Bitcoin Urbanism article is published on Wednesday).

I’m calling the new semi-daily edition: Satoshi’s Sidewalk

Each Satoshi’s Sidewalk will cover random happenings related to real estate - whether responses to twitter takes, internet articles, books, videos, etc. Any subject is game as long as it relates to real estate and will accordingly be analyzed through the orange lens of bitcoin. We won’t wade too far into deeper waters unless a real-world opportunity is too good to ignore.

The meat and potatoes of bitcoin urbanism will be published every other-ish Wednesday under the Bitcoin Urbanism banner. These articles are where we dig deeper into the higher order effects of a bitcoin standard on real estate generally.

The next Bitcoin Urbanism article is close to publication. Once published, Satoshi’s Sidewalk will start going out.

Thanks again for subscribing to Bitcoin Urbanism!